Part# 1093046 & 1093047 – Street Urethane Motor Mounts

Follow these guidelines for installation to achieve maximum performance and longservice life from your LC Motor Mounts.


    1. Remove bolts holding stock mounts in place. Three per mount.

    2. Using a floor jack, place a block of wood under the full width of oil pan and raise the engine just enough to remove both stock mounts. It is easiest to change both mounts at once.

    3. LC Engineering Urethane Mounts have elongated holes to accommodate alignment variations from the factory. Place mounts on frame brackets and install bolts and nuts. Leave loose for now.

    4. Lower engine over mount and install lock washer and hex nut. Now torque all bolts to factory torque specs (mount to frame bracket: 30 lb-ft, mount to engine: 60 lb-ft).