Part# 2022000 – Aluminum Bead-lock Wheel

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Kit Includes:

  • (1) 17” Wheel
  • (1) 17” Wheel Ring
  • (24) 5/16-18x1.25 Grade 8 Bolts
  • (24) 5/16 Flat Washer
  • (1) Instructions

1. Remove the 24 ring bolts and washers. Remove the outer ring from the wheel. Install the valve stem (not included).


2. Place the wheel on an overturned 5 gallon bucket. Apply soapy water to the inner tire bead and push the tire onto the wheel. The inner tire bead will slip over the outer ring but it takes a bit of pushing and turning. In order to fully seat the tire onto the wheel, the wheel must be supported from the bottom in such a way that prevents the back of the tire from making contact with the ground. A five gallon bucket works best, but anything that holds the wheel a few inches off the ground without making contact with the tire will work. Make sure the outer tire bead is seated and centered on the wheel as shown in photo two.


3. Install the beadlock ring, 24 bolts and washers. All the bolts should be started before any of the bolts are tightened. Once all the bolts are in, then tighten according to step 4.


4. Starting at the valve stem, tighten each of the bolts in a circle. This will require several passes around the wheel depending on the brand of tire and the thickness of the sidewall. In the first pass, each of the bolts should just be snug. The next time around, tighten each of the bolts to 20 ft lbs. As you work your way around the wheel, you will notice that the bolts you started with will become loose. Continue to tighten each of the bolts until all of them are tightened to 20 ft lbs.

5. Install the wheel and tire onto the truck and torque the lug nuts to 80-90 ft lbs

Maintenance: Recheck the ring bolt and lug nut torque after the first hour of driving. Ring bolts and lug nuts should be checked for tightness before each off road trip.

NOTE: Beadlocked wheels are not street legal and are intended for off road use only.