Part# 1093022 – 5VZ Flex Fan Spacer Instructions

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Kit Includes:

  • (1) Billet Aluminum Spacer
  • (4) M8-1.25 x 25mm Stud
  • (4) M8-1.25 x 16mm Hex Bolt
  • (4) M8 Wave Washer


    1. Drain enough coolant from the radiator to remove the upper hose.

    2. Remove upper radiator hose.

    3. Loosen bolts that hold the fan to the water pump. Do not remove them just loosen them while the belt is still on to make removal easier.

    4. Remove drive belts.

    5. Remove fan assembly and shroud. Due to minimal clearance you may need to remove the fan assembly and shroud all at once.

    6. Remove fan pulley to access the studs that hold fan assembly.

    7. Remove studs from pulley hub.

    8. Install new supplied studs into pulley hub. Use a mild thread locking compound on the studs.

    9. Re-install pulley over new studs.

    10. Install flex fan onto the spacer on the bench before you install the new fan assembly into the vehicle. Tighten using supplied 8mm bolts and wave washers. Use a mild thread locking compound on bolts.

    11. Set the fan shroud in place but do not tighten.

    12. Install fan and spacer assembly on to the pulley assembly using factory nuts.

    13. Tighten shroud to the radiator.

    14. Install drive belts.

    15. Tighten fan spacer to pulley nuts.

    16. Re-install upper radiator hose.

    17. Turn fan by hand to verify clearance all the way around.

    18. Top off coolant level, and check for leaks.