Pat’s 88′ Pickup

Here's some pictures and details on my 1988 pickup. I bought it outside Toronto about 4 years ago and drove it back to Thunder Bay Ontario, Canada. Wanted to keep it all original, however after a couple little accidents, and fender benders I started buying aftermarket parts (mainly from LCE until the Canadian dollar went downhill, though I still do buy the things that only you guys carry, or LCE branded parts as I trust the quality). So far all thats been done to the truck that I can recall are the following.

Installed Parts:

  • 3" TG IFS eliminator kit
  • 4" TG classic rear lift
  • LCE egr block off plates
  • 4.30 gears
  • Radiator from LCE
  • ENGNBLDR street RV head and unknown cam (bought brand new off friend)
  • ARP head studs
  • TG front and rear bumpers
  • Metal timing chain guide
  • LCE intake pipe with factory air box
  • Flex fan

I'm sure I've done more that I can't think of, all in a single garage and it's been a learning experience the whole way through. I really appreciate all of the installation instructions LCE provides with their products. I always think I'm done for all of about 24hrs, then it's back to being the never ending project. Top of the need/want list right now is definitely LCE headers and a winch! Thanks for taking the time to read about my build and best wishes to everyone at LCE in the new year!