Part# #1024071 – 5VZ Pro Main Stud Set

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  1. Chase all thread holes before installing. Use M11 X 1.25 tap to clean threads in the block. Make sure each stud threads into the block completely.

  2. Check thread pitch to make sure the correct end goes into the block. (Allen head faces out)

  3. Install Main Studs into the block using a 3/16” Allen wrench (snug) DO NOT TORQUE!

  4. Enlarge main girdle holes to compensate for the larger diameter of the studs. Use a 15/32” drill bit and deburr.

  5. Install main girdle, washers, and nuts using the ARP Lube (supplied) to 80 Ft. Lbs.

  6. Verify all bearing clearances are to spec after final torque. Not verifying bearing clearances can cause premature engine failure.

  7. LC Engineering highly recommends line honing the block when using studs.


  • Main Bore Specs: 2.6776 to 2.6783 (Without bearing)
  • Main Bearing Clearance: .0020 to .003 (LC Engineering Spec)
  • Crank Thrust Clearance: .005 to .009 (LC Engineering Spec)

NOTE: May need to surface thrust bearings to retain proper thrust clearances