Part #’s 1035057, 1035064, 1035056 – Fuel Gauge Kit (Low Pressure Carb Only)

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Kit Contents:

  • (1) - LC Low Pressure Fuel Gauge
  • (1) - Fuel Pressure Gauge "T" Fitting
  • (1) - Hex Socket Pipe Plug

To install, simply cut fuel delivery hose and place in-line. If you're installing a regulator, you'll want to install a "T" Fitting after regulator. You may have to "walk-it" onto each end of the fitting as it'll be very tight. Once "T" fitting is in place, thread gauge in.

NOTE: Do not use hand to tighten gauge. Failure to do so could result in damage to gauge. Please use wrench on backside of gauge to tighten.

After fuel pressure is set, remove gauge and plug w/ provided pipe plug. Leaving the gauge installed will result in gauge failure.