Part# 7010005 – Supercharger Oil Change Kit

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The Magnuson supercharger requires almost zero maintenance. It only needs an oil change once every 100,000 miles and that's it! This kit comes with everything you need to service your supercharger. It includes a pre-measured amount of oil, new drain plug with O-ring, new drive coupler and sealer.

The oil change kit is just that and will not repair bearings that were noisy before the oil change. If you are experiencing bearing noise the unit must be sent to a authorized Magnuson service center for repair. Call Magnuson Products, LLC for the nearest repair center near you 805-642-8833


    1. Make sure engine is cool before working on the supercharge

    2. Disconnect battery

    3. Remove belt off the supercharger unit.

    4. Remove the 8 bolts that hold the nose piece on. Have a pan to catch the oil that will drain from the supercharger.

    5. Remove the nose piece and replace the black coupler with the new one supplied in the kit. Align Pins into the coupler and reinstall the nose piece once all the oil has drained out. When reinstalling the nose cover make sure the mating surfaces are clean and dry. Using a very small bead of the loctite sealer around the outside of the nose cover and a small ring around each bolt hole.Reinstall the nose piece with the new coupler installed align coupler pins in the three receiverholes. Re torque the 8 fasteners to 18 foot pounds.

    6. Remove the small drain plug on the front of the nose piece. Install spout onto the bottle of pre measured oil and pour all oil into the supercharger unit though the drain plug hole. Install the supplied new drain plug and O-ring with a small amount of loctite sealer on the threads

    7. Reinstall belt onto supercharger pulley.

    8. Reconnect the battery.

    9. After initial start up check for leaks from the nose piece.

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