Part# 3032481-3032488 – Rock Sliders Without Gussets – 58″ Shortbed/4Runner

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    1. Using jack stands, place sliders at desired position on vehicle. Center bars front to rear between wheel openings. Tilt bars up approximately 15 degrees but make sure that both doors will open without hitting the bars.

    2. Cut legs to fit between frame and bars. Cut front leg tube on each side at an angle to match frame. Center and rear legs can all be cut straight.

    3. If mounting bars up close to body, maintain 1/4" gap between body and bars to prevent vibrations. Mark body pinch weld with marker for cutting as necessary.

    4. Tack weld notched end of legs to sliders. Remove sliders and fully weld legs to bars.

    5. Cut half moon shaped sections from pinch weld to clear legs.

    6. Place fully welded bars onto stands. Weld bars directly to frame. Make sure to maintain 1/4" gap between body and bars.

    7. Cover lower body with cardboard. Clean bars with degreasing fluid. Paint and primer as desired.

Pinch Weld Cutout