Part # 2063003 – Trunnion Bearing Eliminator Kit 1979-1995 With Solid Axle

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Installation Notes:

    1. Read all instructions completely and carefully before you begin.

    2. Check to make sure the kit is complete and that no parts are missing(refer to the Kit Contents List on the first page of these instructions). If anything is missing, please contact Trail-Gear at (559) 252-4950.

    3. Park vehicle on a clean, dry, flat, level surface and block the tires so the vehicle can not roll in either direction.

Tools Needed:

  • ⅜” and ½” Drive Ratchets
  • Sockets - 10mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm, 17mm, 19mm, 54mm
  • Wrenches - 5/16”
  • Hammer
  • Jack and Jack Stands
  • Press
  • Side Cutters
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Knuckle Pull Scale
  • Torque Wrench
  • Grease gun with zerk adapter

Installation Prep:

Chock rear tires, put front axle on jack stands and remove wheels and tires. Remove locking hub cap, outer birfield snap ring and locking hub body. Remove spindle nuts and remove hub from vehicle. Remove spindle from vehicle and remove birfield. Remove (8) 10mm head bolts from back of knuckle and disengage felt, rubber and metal ring from knuckle. Remove tie-rod and drag link from steering arm. Remove nuts, washers, cone washers and steering arm from knuckle. Remove lower bearing cap nuts and washers and remove cap from knuckle. Remove knuckle from vehicle.

1. Remove Races: Remove races from the knuckle ball and clean the race pocket.


2. Install Bushings: Install new bushings supplied in the Rock Assault™ Trunnion Bearing Eliminator Kit.


3. Install Bushings cont'd: Ensure bushings are fully seated in pocket before continuing.


4. Install Bearing Cap: Install shims and new bearing cap with pin in bottom of knuckle. As a good starting point, we recommend 60 thousandths.


5. Press out old Pin: Press out original pin from steering arm.


6. Press in new Pin: Press new pin into steering arm.


7. Grease and Install Knuckle: Grease both pins and bushings before installation. Install knuckle on vehicle with shims and steering arm.


8. Check Steering Pre-load: Check steering preload (15-25 ft/lbs).



Once preload is in specified range (15-25 ft/lbs), install axle and birfield back in the vehicle. Install metal ring, rubber ring, felt ring, and rock rings in the back of the knuckle. Install spindle on knuckle. Install hub and spindle nuts making sure to bend tabs over on the locking ring. Install locking hub body. Install snap ring and locking hub cap. Install tie-rod and drag link with cotter pins. Install tire and torque lug nuts. Repeat instructions for opposite side.