Part # 2060091 – Rock Assault Power Steering Pump Kit (1450psi) 20R/22R/RE/RET

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Kit Includes:

  • (1) Power Steering Pump, High Output
  • (1) Power Steering Pulley
  • (1) Power Steering Hose, Lower Pressure ⅜”
  • (1) Power Steering Hose, Lower Pressure ⅝””
  • (1) Power Steering Hose, Lower Pressure ⅜”
  • (1) Power Steering Hose, High Pressure ⅜” Crimped
  • (1) Power Steering Bracket, Pump
  • (2) Bolt 5/16” - 18x3 ¼”
  • (2) Nut, Nyloc 5/16” - 18

  • (4) Nut, Top Lock ⅜” - 16
  • (1) Power Steering Reservoir
  • (1) Power Steering Reservoir Bracket, Formed
  • (2) Bolt ⅜” - 16x¾” Gr5
  • (2) Washer, Flat ⅜”
  • (1) Power Steering Cooler
  • (1) Fitting, Barbed, #10 Straight
  • (1) Power Steering Belt, 9430
  • (1) Fitting, Power steering Box, M16-1.5 High Pressure
  • (1) Instructions
  • Installation Instructions:

      1. The power steering and reservoir brackets should be painted to the color of your choice.

      2. Remove the stock power steering reservoir, pump, belt, and hoses. Install new pump into pump bracket.
      3. Bolt the new pump and bracket to the stock idler pulley using the provided hardware. Install the new fan belt provided with kit.
      NOTE: It will be necessary to tighten the fan belt after 100 miles.
      4. Install the new reservoir and bracket in the stock location. The reservoir bracket should line-up with at least 3 holes on the inner fender well on the 1984-1995 4cyl Pickup and 4Runner 4wd applications.
      5. The cooler needs to be mounted which can be done in two different ways. The cooler can be mounted with ties going through the radiator using the parts provided in the kit or create a frame in front of the radiator, then bolt the cooler to the framework using the tabs mounted on the back of the cooler.
      6. Install the provided high pressure adapter fitting into the steering box. The stock low pressure fitting will be reused. Now connect the lines as shown in the flow photo. The black line is the high pressure hose. The blue lines are low pressure return lines.
      NOTE: The larger tube is used to connect the reservoir to the pump inlet. Do not use the smaller ⅜” hose in this location as it will interfere with sufficient fluid.
      7. Fill the power steering system with synthetic power steering fluid. We recommend Royal Purple full synthetic fluid. When filling the reservoir, do not fill to the top, allow about ½ for fluid expansion due to heat. It will take some time to fully bleed the system for the first time. With the vehicle on jack stands, tires completely off the ground, engine not running, turn the steering wheel from lock to lock several times, and refill the power steering fluid as needed. This is done so the power steering pump doesn’t get started dry, which can cause damage to the pump. Now you’re ready to start the engine and turn the steering wheel from lock to lock. We recommend you run the motor for about 5min at a time during the bleeding process. Allow the oil to set until all the bubbles have separated out of the oil, then run the motor again for another 5min. REpeat this procedure until the oil runs without foam or bubbles.
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