Part # 2051573 – FJ80 HD Tie Rod Kit

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Kit Includes:

  • (1) Left-hand threaded Heavy-Duty FJ80 Tie Rod End with Hardware
  • (1) Right-hand threaded Heavy-Duty FJ80 Tie Rod End with Hardware
  • (1) Tie Rod Tubing made from1.25" OD x 0.25" Wall 100% DOM

Tools Needed:

  • Ratchet & Socket Set
  • Tie Rod Separator (Pickle Fork)

Installation Notes:

    1. Read all instructions completely and carefully before you begin.

    2. Check to make sure the kit is complete and that no parts are missing. If anything is missing, please contact Trail-Gear at (559) 252-4950.

    3. Park vehicle on a clean, dry, at, level surface and block the tires so the vehicle can not roll in either direction.

    4. This kit is for off-road use only. The installation of this kit may adversely affect the on-road handling characteristics of your vehicle. It is recommended that the installation steps below be performed by a competent mechanic. Buyers and users of this product hereby expressly assume all risks associated with the installation and use of this kit.

Installation Instructions:

    1. Remove the cotter pins and castle nuts from the Tie Rod Ends.

    2. Remove the stock Tie Rod & Tie Rod Ends from the vehicle and discard. A Tie Rod Separator (Pickle Fork) may be needed to perform this step.

    3. Install the new Tie Rod Ends and jam nuts into the new Tie Rod. The groove in the Tie Rod denotes the side with left-hand threads. Typically, there should only be 3-4 exposed threads on Tie Rod Ends. DO NOT expose more than ½ of the Tie Rod End threads as this can cause an unsafe driving condition.

    4. Install the new Tie Rod onto the vehicle.

    5. Install the castle nut & cotter pins onto the new Tie Rod Ends.

    6. Straighten the steering wheel and set the toe-in to 1/8”. This is done by turning the Tie Rod with the jam nuts loose. Measure the widest part of the tire at the front and rear of the tire. Adjust the Tie Rod until the front is 1/8" narrower than the rear. Tighten the jam nuts on the Tie Rod.

    7. Periodically inspect all mounting hardware and tighten as necessary.