Part# 2051250 & 2051253 – Differential Drop Kit

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The LC Engineering differential drop kit fits all 1985 to 1995 IFS 4wd trucks and 4Runners. If you are going to keep your front sway bar then you will need to install the sway bar spacer kit as outlined in the bottom section of these instructions. Installation time is approx. 30 minutes

Diff. Drop Spacer Installation Instructions:

    1. Support the front of the vehicle with jack stands on frame rails, use a floor jack to support differential.

    2. Remove factory bolts and nuts, supporting the rear of the differential. Save the OEM washers and flange nut for reinstallation. The front differential mount will pivot to allow spacers to be installed. No change to the front mount.

    3. Lower differential far enough to allow insertion of the 1" spacers. If you a running the front sway bar you will need to remove the mounts and allow sway bar to hang until diff spacers are installed.

    4. Install the new bolts and the retained hardware. Red Locktight can be used on the threads of the bolt. Torque bolts to 123 Ft.-Lbs. NOTE: Some vehicles will have one or both of the stock diff mount nuts welded to the upper cup on the frame. Alignment of the bolt is imperative so you will not cross thread the stock nut.

    5. If you have already eliminated your front sway bar or are planning on eliminating it now then you do not need the next portion of the instructions. If you plan on keeping your sway bar then follow the below instructions to install the sway bar drop spacers.

Sway Bar Drop Spacer Kit Installation Instructions:

    1. Remove the 4 bolts holding the stock sway bar brackets to the frame. Be careful removing the bolts, if they don't come out easily; spray some penetrating oil up inside the frame onto the ends of the bolts to help free them. NOTE: Forcing the bolts too hard can break off the nuts welded up inside the frame.

    2. Insert the sway bar drop brackets between the frame and the stock brackets and attach them back in place with the longer bolts and washers supplied. Torque bolts to 20 Ft.-Lbs.

    3. After a few hundred miles of driving, it’s recommended to re-check the bolts and make sure they are tight.