Part # 2019128 – Fuel Pressure Gauge Kit 22RE / 3VZ

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Kit Contents

  • (1) - LCE Low Pressure Fuel Gauge
  • (1) - 90 Degree Elbow Fitting
  • (1) - LC Fuel Pressure Bolt
  • (2) - Copper Washers
  • (1) - Hex Socket Pipe Plug

When installing any gauge or fitting into the fuel rail bolt, the bolt will need to be secured by a wrench when installing any components, Otherwise damage may occur on the fuel rail bolt if it is not properly supported when additional parts are installed. Fuel Pressure bolt should be torqued to no more than 22ft lbs. Check and inspect for any leaks.

NOTE: This gauge is not intended to be left installed under hood. After every tune / use, remove gauge and install plug (supplied). Failure to remove gauge will result in gauge failure.