Part # 1082033 – Crane Ignition Kit EFI

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These instructions are specific for our Crane Ignition kits being installed on a 22RE or 3VZ (fuel injected only) vehicle. These are Crane's basic magnetic trigger hook-up instructions with some minor modifications to make them more specific for your Toyota 22RE / 3VZ.

Installation Instructions:

    1. Ground: Connect the heavy black HI-6S wire directly to chassis ground. Use the supplied ⅜” ring terminal

    2. Power / Coil: Identify Stock Coil -/+. If you are unsure, refer to your vehicle's wiring diagram, or use the following procedure. Label and disconnect OE wires from the coil. Turn the ignition switch on. Use a 12volt test light or voltmeter. The wire from the ignition switch to coil + will be hot. Cut the wires from the coil and connect to the HI-6S adapter harness as shown. All OE wiring to the coil must be interrupted and routed through the HI-6S adapter harness.

    3. Cylinder Select: The blue wire is used to program the rev limiter and retard feature for the correct number of cylinders as shown in the diagram. For 4 cylinder engines, connect the wire to the red switched +12 volt wire with a 3M splice. For 6 cylinder engines, connect the wire to ground with a ¼” ring terminal.

    4. Digital Input: The yellow/white wire used to activate retard and rev limit functions. In this application we hook the yellow/white wire to a 12+ volt to activate the rev limiter function. This can be connected to the red power the same lead as we hook up to the blue wire for cylinder select on a 22R/RE. Optional: In some applications, the digital input is connected to a switch that also controls a line lock or transmission brake solenoid.

    5. Mapsensor: This is optional and is only needed for boosted applications. See Crane instructions for more information.