Part# 1082003 & 1082021 – Crane Ignition Box Instructions

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These instructions are specific for our Crane ignition boxes being installed on a 20R or 22R (carbureted only) vehicle. These are Crane’s basic magnetic trigger hook-up instructions with some minor modifications to make them more specific for your Toyota 20R/22R. These kits will eliminate your stock igniter.

Wiring Instructions:

  • Thick red wire goes to +12 volt battery.
  • Thick black wire goes to a good ground, Battery Negative Terminal.
  • The thin red wire (in connector with unused white wire) needs to be spliced into a switched +12 volt
    source. You can pull this from the ignition switch or from the power source to your original igniter.
  • White wire (in connector with thin red wire) is unused and needs to be shrink wrapped or taped with
    electrical tape to prevent it from shorting out.
  • Distributor harness:
    o Green (-) from ignition box goes to the red wire on your distributor.
    o Violet (+) from ignition box goes to the white wire on your distributor.
    o Warning Polarity is very important
  • Coil harness:
    o Black from ignition box goes to negative side of coil.
    o Orange from ignition box goes to positive side of coil.
  • Blue wire from ignition box goes to switched +12 volt source, same as red and white connections.
  • Yellow/White wire from ignition box goes to switched +12 volt source to activate rev limiter. The rev
    limiter will not work if this is not connected.
    o This wire is also used with optional staged limiters or line lock devices. See Cranes “basic
    magnetic instructions” for more info.
  • Brown/White wire is used for retard input. See Crane instructions for more info.
  • Green wire is used to hook up tachometer. The picture above shows a normal aftermarket tachometer
    hookup. If you are using the stock tachometer then you will splice it into the tachometer lead from your
    old igniter.
  • Check ignition timing advance after installation to be sure polarity is correct. If no advance is seen check
    distributor polarity.

DUI Distributor Wiring Instructions:

    On the HEI wires coming out of the base of the distributor:

  • Pink: 12v Switch
  • Black: Not needed
  • Brown: Connect to White wire on FAST E6 ignition.
  • On the FAST E6 Ignition wires:

  • Heavy Red: Battery Positive
  • Heavy Black: Battery Negative
  • Small Red: 12v Switched
  • White: Connect to Brown coming out of distributor base
  • Orange: B+ Terminal on HEI cap
  • Black: C- Terminal on HEI cap
  • Finally, the middle terminal marked GND on the HEI cap needs to be connected to an engine ground.