Part# 1080050 – 1080058 – HIGH AMP ALTERNATOR BRACKET KIT

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Kit Includes:

  • (1) Alternator
  • (1) Upper Alternator Adjusting Bracket
  • (1) Billet Lower Bracket
  • (1) M10 Washer
  • (1) M10 X 1.25 X 25 Flange Bolt
  • (1) M10 X 1.50 X 130 Hex Bolt

  • (1) M10 X 1.50 Nylock Flange Nut
  • (1) 10’ of 10 Gauge Wire
  • (1) Wire Connector 5/16 Stud
  • (1) Wire Connector 3/8 Stud
  • (1) Alternator Belt (Gates #7340)
  • (8) Zip Ties
  • Installation:

      1. Disconnect battery.

      2. Remove belts.

      3. Remove alternator, upper alternator bracket and lower alternator bracket.

      4. Install the new modified lower alternator bracket to the engine block. Use stock bolts and tighten 33 Ft. Lbs.

      5. Place new alternator into lower bracket. Use supplied 10mm X 130 bolt, washer on the front and nylock nut to snug down but do not completely tighten.

      6. Install the new upper adjuster bracket to the front cover with the stock bolt (bolts on the same way as the original bracket).

      7. Fasten the alternator to upper bracket with supplied 10mm X 25 flange nut.

      8. Install belts (new alternator belt supplied with kit).

      9. Adjust belts and tighten lower bracket bolt.

      10. Run supplied 10 gauge wire from the alternator to the positive side of battery (alternator side ring terminal connector is already crimped onto wire). Route as necessary, cut the wire to length and crimp supplied ring terminal to battery end of wire. Heat up newly installed ring terminal with a heat gun to shrink it to wire (plastic portion of supplied ring terminal is made of heat shrink material).

      11. Use supplied zip ties to secure wire.

      12. Reconnect battery.

    NOTE: On some applications you will notice that your “charge” or “battery light” will remain on after this installation. This is normal since the light is triggered by the stock regulator which you have now eliminated.