Part# 1072103 & 1072104 – Boost Tee Boost Controller – Under Hood

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  • 2 ramp rates of boost to give you the option of a fast rise in boost or a slightly tame rise for more sensitive setups.

  • A wider boost adjustment range for waste gates with low spring base pressures.

  • A new mounting bracket to make it easier to mount.


  • Use only silicone hose that is the correct size and pressure rating for your application when fitting your boost controller – other hoses will be affected by heat and will eventually crack or split which could cause excessive boost pressure and engine damage.

  • Ensure that all plumbing is secured with clamps.

  • Your boost controller should be mounted at least 100mm from any heat source.

  • A Turbosmart Fuel Cut Defender may need to be used in conjunction with your boost controller – refer to The boost dial has a left handed thread, be sure not to over tighten as this will damage the boost controller.

  • Please note that the one turn (click) of the boost controller dial does NOT correspond to 1 PSI change in boost pressure.


  • Turbosmart recommends that the Air Fuel ratio is checked once boost pressure is set.

  • Turbosmart recommends that boost pressure is set using a Dynamometer and not on the street.

  • Turbosmart recommends that a accurate boost gauge be permanently fitted to the vehicle.

  • Turbosmart recommends that your boost controller is fitted and adjusted by an appropriately qualified technician.

  • Allow the engine to cool down before installing your boost controller.

  • Locate the bottom port on the external waste gate and the pressure source port.

  • Install the Boost Tee in the waste gate pressure line with the waste gate arrow pointing towards the bottom port on the waste gate.

  • Secure all silicone hose ends with hose clamps.

  • Mount your boost controller bracket onto the vehicle, then attach the boost controller onto the bracket with the supplied screws.

  • Make sure the boost dial is turned completely counter-clockwise before making adjustments.

Setting Boost Pressure:

Adjustment to your boost controller is made by rotating the Boost Dial. Please note that the one turn (click) of the boost controller dial does NOT correspond to 1 PSI change in boost pressure. Rotate in a clockwise direction to increase boost and the reverse direction to decrease boost. Before making any adjustment, the Boost Dial will need to be fully closed (counter-clockwise).

  1. Apply full load to the engine in a high gear (at least 3rd or 4th gear) at full throttle and note the boost pressure.

  2. To increase boost rotate the Boost Dial clockwise (maximum of 1 complete revolution at a time).

  3. Apply full load to the engine and note the boost pressure.

  4. Compare the actual boost pressure with the desired boost pressure. If the actual pressure is below the desired pressure, return to step 2. If the actual is above the desired boost then decrease by rotating the Boost Dial anti-clockwise and return to step 3.

Boost Spiking:

If boost spiking occurs and is undesirable for your application, the gate system can be removed to give you a less aggressive boost curve. This modification is only required in a minimal number of applications.


Gate System Removal:

The gate system can be removed by the following steps. Perform this modification on a clean bench so that the ball and spring are not lost.

  • Allow the engine to cool down before removing the Boost Tee from your vehicle.

  • Identify the input nipple with the restrictor at the end. Loosen the input nipple and remove the ball and spring.

  • Check that the internal air passages are clear and free from debris.

  • Re-install the boost controller by following the instructions for your setup.

  • You will need to re-adjust your boost settings after the removal of the gate.