Part #1065035 – O2 Sensor Extension Kit

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This kit is designed for the Pre 1988 Toyota exhaust manifolds that had the oxygen sensor located in one of the runners of the exhaust manifold. California CARB requires that the oxygen sensor gets an exhaust sample from all cylinders. Therefore LC Engineering places the oxygen sensor behind the collector of the header in the connector pipe. LC Engineering recommends to upgrade to the 4 wire oxygen sensor as an upgrade to the single wire. This upgrade is to get the best possible signal from the oxygen sensor to the factory computer for trouble free performance.


    1. Cut O2 sensor wire between plug and computer (see Diagram).

    2. Clean and splice wires on each end.

    3. Splice extension wire (provided in kit) on each end.

    4. Attach the wire connectors (provided in kit) to each end of the spliced wire's.

    5. Make sure the wire does not interfere with any moving or hot components.