Part# 1061500 – 22RE(89-95) Pro Air Intake (Tube Kit Only)

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LC Engineering’s Pro intake tube has been designed to fit on a stock air box application or with a K&N filter kit.


    1. Remove plastic intake tube from air meter to throttle body. Leave the rubber boot on the throttle body, as this new tube still uses it.

    2. Remove auxiliary ¾” tube from air box and air valve resonator

    3. Install new intake tube with supplied clamps and silicone hose couplers

    4. Straight hose coupler goes to the air meter side of tube and the 45 hose goes to the throttle body side of intake tube.

    5. Tighten clamps snug. Do not over torque clamps.

    6. There are two options on the ¾” bypass tube that goes from the resonator back into the air filter: 1. To retain the air tube from the air filter to the air valve resonator, install 3⁄4” hose between the resonator and the air box. Clamp both ends snugly. 2. To remove this air tube, simply install the supplied vacuum cap to the air box where the old tube came out, then install the supplied breather to the top of the resonator and tighten clamp snugly. Do not over-torque or you cam damage the resonator

    7. Perform final fit check by verifying that the new tube kit clears all moving engine parts such as the fan, pulleys, belts etc...