Part# 1061490 – Pro Air Intake Kit 3VZ (88-95)

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NOTE: Prior to installing this air intake kit, it is imperative to perform a thorough cleaning of the air tube using a mild detergent and water to eliminate any accumulated debris or contaminants. Failure to do so could result in potential engine damage.

The LC Engineering Pro Air Intake Kit is designed to replace your restrictive stock air box and tube assembly. The kit incorporates an open element, washable K&N air filter to increase airflow and save you the time and expense of buying replacement air filters in the future. When the filter gets dirty just contact one of our sales reps and we can get you a service kit right away! Our kit also includes a mandrel bent stainless steel tube to keep a nice even flow of air to your engine, no kinks or ridges to impede the airflow. This tube is then ceramic coated and polished to retain all that cold air in the tube and repel the heat created inside the engine compartment. We also supply silicone couplers to attach everything together. You will not find a more complete kit anywhere for your 3VZ engine!!!

Kit Includes:

  • (1) Intake Tube
  • (1) K&N Air Filter
  • (1) Bracket & Cone Assembly
  • (2) Silicone Couplers
  • (1) Nylon Hose Barb
  • (1) ¾” x 4’ Hose
  • (4) 3” Hose Clamps
  • (2) 1” Hose Clamps

  • (1) M8 Nylock Nut
  • (1) M8 Hex Bolt
  • (2) M8 Washers
  • (4) M6 Allen Bolts
  • (2) M6 Nylock Nuts
  • (4) M6 Washers
  • (2) M6 Hex Bolts
  • Installation:

      1. Disconnect negative battery cable.

      2. Remove hose clamps from both ends of the black plastic air duct, mass airflow sensor and throttle body

      3. Remove the air duct from vehicle (everything from the mass airflow sensor to the throttle body).

      4. Unplug the wiring harness from the mass airflow sensor on top of the air cleaner housing.

      5. Remove the three mounting bolts and remove the air cleaner housing from the vehicle.

      6. Unbolt the mass airflow sensor from the stock air cleaner housing.

      7. Remove the four studs from the mass airflow sensor.

      8. Install the mass airflow sensor onto the new filter cone (aluminum part bolted to the bracket) using the supplied 6mm flat head allen bolts. Use a small amount of medium Loctite on the threads.

      9. Install the intake tube onto the throttle body using one of the new silicon couplers and loosely install clamps. (see pic below)
    10. Install the mass airflow sensor (already installed onto the bracket assembly from step 7) to the intake tube using the other silicone coupler, do not install clamps on this side yet.

    11. Align the bracket assembly so that the existing hole on the inner fenderwell lines up with the new bracket.

    12. Using the bracket as a template mark the second mounting hole on the fender. (see pic below)
      13. Remove the bracket assembly and center punch the second mounting hole that you just marked.

      14. Using an 11/32” drill bit carefully drill the marked spot for the second mounting hole. (verify that there is nothing under the drilling area)

      15. Reinstall the bracket assembly (loosely install the new clamps) and secure to the fender using the new m8 bolt, flat washer and nylock nut for the newly drilled hole and use the existing bolt with the new flat washer for the pre-existing hole.

      16. Adjust the intake tube as needed and tighten the new clamps.

      17. Install the upper muffler onto the bracket assembly using the new m6 bolts, washers and nuts.

      18. Install the valve cover breather tube onto the 5/8” inlet on the new intake tube. (see pic below)
      19. Install the lower muffler hose (from engine) onto the 3/8” inlet on the new intake tube. (see pic below)

      20. Install the new ¾” nylon hose fittings onto the bracket assembly using some Teflon tape on the threads.

      21. Route the supplied ¾” hose from the muffler, under the filter and back around to the fitting in the bracket assembly. (see pic)
      22. Adjust as needed and tighten hose clamps.

      23. Install the new air filter with supplied clamp.

      24. Plug mass airflow sensor in

      25. Re-connect negative battery cable.