Part# 1061067 – 5VZ Throttle Body Spacer

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Your new 5VZ Throttle Body Spacer Kit is designed to bolt right on to your intake manifold with no modifications needed. Please read all the way through the instructions before attempting to install the new spacer kit.

Kit Includes:

  • (1) Throttle Body Spacer (Spacer Only)
  • (1) Throttle Body Spacer Relocation Plate
  • (1) 5VZ Throttle Body Gasket
  • (1) Throttle Body Teflon Heat Isolation Gasket
  • (1) M10-1.25 x 25mm Flat Head Socket Cap Screw
  • (4) M8 Flat Washer Sm. Patt
  • (2) M8-1.25 x 90mm Hex Cap Screw
  • (2) M8-1.25 x 110mm Socket Head Cap Screw
  • (1) LCE Instructions


    1. Disconnect negative battery cable.

    2. Remove air intake tube between throttle body and air box. Mark all vacuum lines coming from the air tube.

    3. Label and remove all vacuum lines that connect to the throttle body.

    4. Unplug the throttle position sensor.

    5. Loosen the center coil bolt and turn coil aside as needed for clearance (helps with removing throttle body later).

    6. Remove the throttle cable from throttle body.

    7. Unbolt throttle cable bracket from intake manifold.

    8. Unbolt the throttle body (2 upper nuts and 2 lower bolts).

    9. Remove two upper studs from intake manifold. These will be replaced with longer bolts (included in kit).

    10. Clean throttle body and intake manifold gasket surfaces.

    11. Install the throttle body with spacer back onto manifold. The teflon gasket will go against the manifold and the paper gasket will go against the throttle body. Use the shorter allen bolts for the top mounts and the longer bolts for the lower mounts. Use the supplied flat washers when installing the new bolts.

    12. Reconnect all vacuum hoses, throttle position switch plug, and retighten center coil bolt.

    13. Install supplied throttle cable relocation plate onto manifold, using supplied bolt. a. Locate the dowel pin into the manifold, inserting it into the same hole the stock bracket used.

    14. Install the stock throttle cable bracket onto relocation plate.

    15. Reconnect throttle cable to throttle body.

    16. Install air intake tube from air box to throttle body

    17. Make sure all bolts and connections are tight.

    18. Start vehicle and verify there are no vacuum leaks.