Part# 1061056 – 2RZ/3RZ Throttle Body Spacer

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Kit Includes:

  • (1) 1” Throttle Body spacer
  • (1) Teflon Gasket
  • (1) Paper Gasket
  • (4) M8x1.25 Hex Head Bolts 60mm Long
  • (2) M8x1.25 Hex Head Bolts 35mm Long
  • (2) ¾”x 1” Intake Tube Spacer
  • (6) M8 Flat Washer


    1. Label and remove all vacuum hoses on throttle body.

    2. Remove intake tube assembly.

    3. Remove 2 mounting nuts and 2 mounting bolts from throttle body.

    4. Remove throttle body from vehicle.

    5. Remove mounting studs from intake.

    6. Remove gasket and clean surface.

    7. Install new spacer with Teflon gasket (the white one) between spacer and intake manifold.

    8. Re-install throttle body using the 4 supplied 60mm bolts.

    9. Re-install intake tube. Use ¾”x1” spacers and supplied 35mm bolts on bottom of canister.

    10. Re-install vacuum lines back onto the throttle body.

NOTE: The small hose on the air intake will need to be routed around the passenger side of the throttle cable bracket after spacer install. Depending on space requirements, aftermarket intake tubes may require additional modifications (tube may need to be cut shorter).