Part# 1055480 – Transfer Case Mounted 4Cyl Manual Trans ONLY

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Kit Includes:

  • (1) Parking brake assembly (including caliper, mount & arm).
  • (4) Replacement drive shaft bolts.
  • (5) Bracket bolts, washers and lock washers.
  • (1) Mount sleeve
  • (1) Brake Disc

These instructions are intended only as a general guide for installing All-Pro products. For some items, specialized mechanical skills, metal fabrication and/or welding skills may be needed for proper installation. If you have any doubts or questions about installing these or other parts please call us at the shop 951-658-7077 or contact a competent mechanic, fabricator, welder or other appropriate professional.

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In an effort to provide both durability and safety, All Pro Off Road recommends you carefully read the entire installation procedure before beginning, then rigidly follow these instructions during installation. Also, it is extremely important that you abide by proper safety procedures including the use of jack stands, setting the parking brake, wearing eye protection, etc.


Start by removing the front end of the rear driveshaft and move the drive shaft out of the way. Remove the five bolts pictured to the right. It is not necessary to drain the oil; only a small amount will drip out during the installation. Remove the nut in the center of the rear out put flange and pull the flange off the transfer case. Also remove the rear parking brake cable and hardware.


Using press remove the dust shield from the flange. If a press is not available use a punch as pictured to remove it by working the punch around the shield until it comes off. There are two different discs with different bolt patterns depending on the type of rear drive shaft you have (CV or U-Joint). Verify the hole pattern on the disc is the same as your driveshaft. Slide the disc onto the flange and reinstall the dust shield as shown.


Place the disc/flange assembly onto the t-case and install the center nut and stake the nut into place. Now install the parking brake assembly with the new bolts provided. One of the bolts is longer than the other four; install this longer one last with the included sleeve (pictured).


Connect your parking brake cable to the lever arm; connection method varies depending on truck. In LWB (X-tr a cab & Long Bed models) it is necessary to replace the cable going up to the pull handle with that from a SWB truck or 4 Runner, or cable clamps may be used which are available at local hardware stores to shorten the existing cable. Adjust the parking brake by removing one end of the threaded rod and turning the ends


Reinstall the drive shaft using the longer bolts (provided), reuse the original nuts and lock washers. Use lock tight to ensure the nuts do not come loose. Verify that all hardware is tight before finishing.


This parking brake is extremely effective. All that is needed to hold your truck on most hills is a light pull of the parking brake handle.


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