Part# 1055203 – Tacoma Big Brake Kit Instructions

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    1. Jack up vehicle and support with jack stands.

    2. Open brake master cylinder cap.

    3. Remove brake line from frame mount, spindle mount, and remove bracket from spindle. Leave brake line attached to caliper. Removal is unnecessary.

    4. Remove caliper by removing two 17mm bolts on the backside of the caliper.

    5. Remove rotor. Due to exposure to the elements and moisture, the rotors may be “stuck” to the hub and may require some force to remove from the hub. A dead-blow hammer or rubber mallet should be enough to break the rotor loose from the hub. DO NOT USE A STEEL HAMMER as it will chip and damage components.

    6. Remove any corrosion that may be present on the hub surface. Use of anti-seize or disk brake lubricant may prevent further corrosion, and aid in future rotor removal.

    7. Install Rotors. Make sure to get the proper rotor on the proper side- Right and Left sides are different.

    8. Bend backing plate away from rotor if necessary.

    9. Install new caliper with pads and new hardware. Make sure to get the proper caliper on the proper side- Right and Left sides are different. See pic below for hardware placement.
    10. Using the factory bolt, mount new brake line bracket on spindle. Left and right side brackets are different, so verify that you have the correct side.

    11. Install new steel brake line from the caliper to bracket. Left and right sides are different, so make sure to get the correct sidewhere it needs to be. As a tip, the yellow mark on the line goes closest to the spindle.

    12. Install new braided steel line from hard line to frame mount and install retaining clips. You may need to open the center of the frame mounted brake line bracket to allow the new brake line to “clock” to the correct position.

    13. Repeat process for other side.

    14. This kit also includes a new brake line for the rear of the vehicle. Remove old line and replace with new braided line.

    15. Fill brake master cylinder with fresh fluid and bleed brake system according to factory specs. Start at the farthest corner from the master cylinder, and work your way closer. Start with right rear, then left rear, right front, left front (right side is passenger side and left is drivers side).

    16. New brake pads will need to be “bedded” and broken in for maximum performance and longevity. Follow the brake pad manufacturer’s directions for brake pad break-in.