Part# 1053126 – Gold Star Clutch

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The Gold Star Clutch and Flywheel assembly is the ultimate for circle track racing. If worn, replace transmission pilot bearing (worn bushings or bearing can cause transmission failure and clutch drag!)

The center diaphragm in the center of the clutch where the throw-out bearing rests should be (collapsed diameter 1.845”) (open diameter 2.120”). Recommended throw-out bearing sizes: inside diameter 1.745” & outside diameter 2.380”.


    1. Remove the six (6) lock nuts and washers on the clutch cover. Do not remove the inner nine (9) locknuts on the clutch cover.

    2. Next remove the clutch cover, pressure plate, and disc. Do not loosen or remove the six (6) long stand bolts in the flywheel.

    3. Install flywheel.

    4. Torque flywheel bolts to 80 ft. lbs.

    5. Next place pieces against flywheel in the opposite order that they were taken apart: 1. Clutch Disc (cone facing transmission) 2. Floating Pressure Plate. 3. Clutch Cover.

    6. Before putting locking nuts and washers on clutch cover, slide clutch alignment tool through the disc and into pilot bearing.

    7. Next evenly run down cover locknuts and torque to 22-24 ft. lbs.

NOTE: Do not let the weight of the transmission hang on the clutch disc! When installing, keep transmission supported until it goes all the way into the pilot bearing and housing, or disc damage will occur!

Adjust clutch linkage for 1” free play at the pedal. We recommend a pedal stop, so damage to pivot rings and diaphragm spring does not occur.

New discs measure about .312” thick. Replace disc at about .285” thick. Disk available from LC Engineering (Part #1054027).