Part# 1052100 – Torsion bolt kit

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The torsion bar adjuster bolts are located under the truck near the frame rails about 10" back from the transfer-case cross member. Spray the bolt threads with a penetrating spray lube for easier removal. Jack up the front of the truck at the front IFS cross member to get the wheels off the ground and to let the strain off the torsion bars. This must be done or you will destroy the adjuster bolts. Use jack stands remember safety first.

Caution, if you have a '86-'88 you may have a lock nut that must be removed before removal or adjusting your torsion bars. See picture below.

To remove or adjust the torsion bolts, you will need a 22mm 6-point socket and breaker or cheater bar and a 22mm wrench to hold the nut in place. Put the lower spacer on the adjusting nut. Liberally apply anti-seize or grease to the adjusting bolt before installing it: this will make adjusting it now and in the future much easier. Then install the bolt up through the mount and upper spacer. When everything's in place, reinstall the top nut and tighten it down. There is no set torque value or numberof threads to guide reinstallation, so tighten until approximately 1/2" of the bolt's thread is visible above the nut. Look at the upper nut when doing this, it should not turn, the bolt should turn inside without turning the nut.

NOTE: Don't adjust too far! You can only adjust the torsion bars up to a point, beyond that, problems will be encountered including: harsh ride, increased axle shaft and axle boot wear. Most trucks and 4Runners are set at the factory to about 13.5" - 14" from the top of the rim to the fender lip. You can adjust the bars up to a measurement of 15" (not including any installed lift) with only a slight loss of ride comfort.

Caution, vehicles with ADD front ends we recommend only 14” Drive down the street to set the bars in place. Measure the distance between the fender and the top of the rim on both sides (on level ground) and make adjustments on one side or the other until they are the same height.