Part# 1042027 – Pro Flow Exhaust System Tacoma 1GR

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LC Engineering has designed our Pro Flow Exhaust to fit any Tacoma 1GR Truck 2005-2012. It comes with a front pipe that is designed to be trimmed to the correct length for your cab or bed length. Please read and follow the directions completely to ensure proper fitment.

Installation (It is important to install in this order):

  1. Remove the stock exhaust system from the catalytic converter back. Be carefull not to damage the hangers or brackets.

  2. Install the muffler in the stock location, using the rubber grommets from the origional system. The muffler will sit vertically with the two hangers towards top.

  3. Attach the tailpipe section to the muffler using the supplied gasket & hardware. Hang the rear tail pipe section to the factory rubber hangers using the supplied clamp & hanger assembly for your vehicle's year (see picture). Leave the clamp and bolts loose.

  4. Check alignment and location of muffler and tailpipe. Hangers may require a slight adjustment for proper alignment.

  5. Install the S-pipe into the muffler slip fit inlet make sure that it is in past the slit in the muffler inlet. The kit comes with a long straight pipe (intermediate pipe) to connect the catlytic converter to the S-pipe assembly. The pipe will need to be cut short for some cab configurations. Once you have the S-pipe muffler & tailpipe section installed, you can determine where to cut the intermediate pipe. When cutting the pipe, make sure to leave 1.5”-2” extra to go inside the swedged end of the S-pipe assembly. Remember: Measure twice, cut once!

  6. Once you’ve cut the intermediate pipe to the correct length, Install the intermediate pipe section to the S-pipe using the supplied clamp. Leave clamp loose. Attach the intermediate pipe section to the catalytic convertor using the new gasket & re-using stock hardware and Tension Spring. Leave loose.

  7. Check the clearance of your Pro Flow Exhaust System to the floor pan, chassis components, parking brake cable assembly, driveshaft, etc. Adjust system as needed.

  8. Tighten bolts and then firmly tighten all exhaust clamps.

  9. Start engine and check for exhaust leaks. Tighten flanges and clamps as needed.

NOTE: This system is designed to fit all cab and bed configurations. The FRONT INTERMEDIATE PIPE SECTION WILL HAVE TO BE CUT to length for some applications. LC Engineering recommends using O2 safe, high-temperature silicon on slip connections to prevent small exhaust leaks. Failure to follow these instructions explicitly may make installation more difficult. We strongly urge you to read and understand these directions, and follow them directly. Forcing, damaging, welding or cutting (other than what’s needed for the front pipe) will void warranty!