Part# 1042023 – 3RZ Tacoma (95-04) 4WD & 2WD Pre-Runners Pro Flow Exhaust System

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This Pro Flow exhaust fits 95-04 3RZ Tacoma 4wd and 2wd pre-runners (6-lug). It comes with a front pipe that is designed to be trimmed to the correct length for your cab/bed length. Please read and follow the directions completely to ensure proper fitment.


    1. Remove the stock exhaust system from the catalytic converter on back. Be careful not to damage the hangers or brackets.

    2. Install the muffler in the stock hangers.

    3. Attach the tailpipe section to the muffler using the supplied gasket & hardware. Hang the rear tail pipe section to the factory hangers using the supplied clamp & hanger assembly. Leave the clamp loose.

    4. Check alignment and location of muffler and tailpipe. Hangers may require a slight adjustment for proper alignment.

    5. This kit comes with two front straight pipes. The shorter one is not needed in all applications. Once you have the muffler & tailpipe section in you can determine if your application will require this extra piece of straight pipe.

    6. The front pipe section may need to be cut to length. Be sure to allow enough overlap for adequate clamping area. Install the front pipe section to the muffler using the supplied clamp. Leave clamp loose. Attach the front pipe section to the catalytic converter using the gasket & hardware provided. Leave loose.

    7. Check the clearance of your Pro Flow Exhaust System to the floor pan, chassis components, parking brake cable assembly, driveshaft, etc. Adjust system as needed.

    8. Tighten bolts and then firmly tighten the exhaust clamps.

    9. Start engine and check for exhaust leaks. Tighten flanges and clamps as needed.

NOTE: This system is designed to fit all cab and bed configurations. FRONT PIPE SECTION WILL HAVE TO BE CUT to correct length shorter applications. LC Engineering recommends using O2 safe, high-temperature silicon on slip connections for small exhaust leaks. Due to varying wheelbase dimensions, LC Engineering includes a 24” slip fit connector pipe that will need to be used between the front pipe and muffler on some applications.