Part# 1041055 – 2TR Tacoma (2005-2023) – Street Header Kit

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Congratulations on your new header! LC Engineering has designed this 2TR header using all stainless steel tubing, welded to CNC machined steel flanges for the ultimate strength and reliability. The R&D department at LC Engineering spent countless hours and went through numerous design changes to produce a long tube, equal length primary, style header. Not only were we able to make this design work, we did it without needing to perform any modifications to your vehicle! This means you get a true “bolt-on” performance product that uses the entire factory mounting hardware and gaskets (supplied with our header kit).

Kit Includes:

  • (1) 2TR Header - Part # 1041015
  • (1) Manifold gasket (stainless steel) - Part # 1045019
  • (1) Collector gasket - Part # 1044019
  • (2) Air injection gasket - Part # 1044026
  • (2) M8-1.25 x 30mm stud (for air injection) - Part # 8012373
  • (2) M8-1.25 flange nut (for air injection) - Part # 8012332


Remember to always follow the standard safety procedures as outlined in your Factory Service Manual. ALWAYS use jack stands when getting under your vehicle.

    1. Disconnect negative battery cable and isolate it from making a ground connection.

    2. From under the vehicle, remove the flange support bracket and make sure you re-install the lower of the 2 bell housing bolts. Also remove the spring bolts attaching the collector to the manifold. (Penetrating lubricants may be helpful to loosen the bolts).

    3. Unhook the mass air flow sensor, and proceed to unhook the clips that hold the wiring harness to the factory air box.

    4. Remove the air intake tube that is attached to the air box, and then remove the air filter housing. Remove the A/C brackets & air pump bracket.

    5. Remove the main intake tube resting on top of the engine, by detaching the wiring harness on it. Disconnect the air injection plug as well as the 2 vacuum lines and the 3 bolts on top. Then remove the 2 hoses on the other side of the housing and push the whole unit to the side.

    6. Remove the heat shield (5 bolts total), there are 2 lower bolts, 1 in the middle and 2 on top. We recommend leaving the top 2 loose and remove them at the very end.

    7. Remove the air injection system by removing the 2 nuts retaining the tube to the exhaust manifold and then the other 2 nuts retaining the air injection system to the cylinder head.

    8. Remove the stock exhaust manifold (8 nuts total), 3 at the bottom, 3 in the middle and 2 on the top.

    9. Lay a towel over the A/C lines so you don't scratch your brand new LCE Header during the install. Then remove the factory exhaust manifold gasket and replace it with the new one provided in the kit. Install your 4-into-1 LCE 2TR Header and torque the 8 nuts to factory specs (33ft-lbs). We recommend washing your hands before touching your new header because any oil or grease burn and stain it.

    10. Using the double-nut method install the 2 studs for the air injection tube onto the header, remember to use a drop of loc-tite.

    11. Reinstall the air injection system, using the brand new gasket provided with the kit. On some models the air valve may have casting that protrudes. You may need to clearance the underside edge of the valve to allow proper fitment. Reference picture A and B below.

    12. Reinstall the main air tube that rests on top of the engine and reconnect all of the hoses, then proceed to secure it with the 3 bolts on top. Also reconnect the air injection plug and re-install the hose that goes to the air pump.

    13. Reinstall the A/C brackets & air pump bracket. Also re-install your lower air filter housing with the 3 bolts that came out, your air filter, upper air filter housing and air tube.

    14. Reconnect the mass air flow sensor plug, and secure with the factory clips to all of its retaining locations.

    15. From under your vehicle, attach the new header to the exhaust system using the round merge collector gasket; torque the two spring bolts to 32 Ft-Lbs. securing the header in place. At this time you should check the collector springs for proper length before reinstallation. The springs should measure 1.594” and if they are shorter they should be replaced with new.

    16. Reconnect the battery and start the engine, check for exhaust leaks. Re-tighten all of your exhaust hardware (33 ft-lbs) after approximately 100 miles.