Part# 1035043 & 1035056 – Weber Fuel Pressure Regulator (1.5-12lbs) Fuel Pressure Gauge Kit

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Specification Notes:

  • This high quality adjustable fuel pressure regulator is adjustable from 1.5 - 20 psi.
  • This regulator should be mounted on the firewall or the inner fender.
  • Fuel hose size is 8mm or 5/16".
  • In and out are marked on the housing.
  • If you are using a liquid-filled gauge, gauge reading must be done when cold.


1. Remove cap using a 12mm wrench
2. Loosen the locking nut at the bottom of the adjuster screw.
3. Using a flat screwdriver and a fuel pressure gauge, adjust the fuel pressure to the desire pressure. Turning screw clockwise will increase pressure, counter clockwise will decrease pressure. Adjust in half turn increments. Weber Carburetor recommended fuel pressure is between 2.5 psi. and 3 psi.
4. Lightly tighten the locking nut making sure the adjustment screw does not move.
5. Tighten the cap while holding the locking nut (the one on the bottom) with another 12mm wrench, so adjustment screw won't move.