Part# 1033042 – LC Pro Holley 500 Carb to Weber Flange

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  1. Disconnecting battery and set emergency brake.

  2. Remove air cleaner assembly.

  3. Remove carburetor and clean gasket surfaces. Do not allow debris to enter the intake plenum! Insert a shop rag or towel to keep debris from falling into the intake. Be sure to remove rag before installing adapter!

  4. Place Weber 32/36 Base Gasket onto the manifold. See Illustration (E)

  5. Install Holley 500 to Weber Manifold Adapter onto the intake manifold utilizing the 4 Flat Socket Cap Screws provided. Use a small amount of thread locking compound to prevent the screws from backing out. See Illustration (B)

  6. Install the (4) M8-1.25 X 65 MM Studs with the short end into the adapter (Down) utilizing thread locking compound on these as well.

  7. Place Holley 500 Base Gasket on now. See Illustration (C)

  8. Place Holley 500 Phenolic pacer over studs. See Illustration (A)

  9. Place Holley 500 Base Gasket on now. See Illustration (D)

  10. Place Holley Carb on now.

  11. Place (1) M8 Flat Washer and (1) M8-1.25 Nylock Nut on each of the four studs to secure the carburetor. Do not over torque, it will create carburetor base damage!

  12. Reconnect all vacuum lines, fuel lines, and linkages that may have been removed.

  13. Install air cleaner.

  14. Reconnect battery, start engine, check for fuel and vacuum leaks.