Part# 1033028 – Pro Spiral Adapter Weber to Stock

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Kit Includes:

  • (1) M8-1.25 x 60mm Hex Bolt Linkage Spacer
  • (4) M8-1.25 x 40mm Stud Carburetor Mounting
  • (1) M8-1.25 x 35mm Hex Bolt Linkage Spacer
  • (2) M8-1.25 x 30mm Hex Bolt Manifold To Adapter
  • (2) M8-1.25 x 20mm Flat Allen Head Bolt Adapter To Manifold
  • (4) M8-1.25 Nylock Nut Carburetor Mounting
  • (2) M8 Wave Washer Manifold To Adapter
  • (4) M8 Flat Washer Carburetor Mounting
  • (4) M6-1.0 x 10mm Socket Head Allen Bolt Adapter Top Plate To Adapter
  • (2) LC Pro Spiral Adapter Linkage Spacer Linkage Spacer
  • (1) LC Pro Spiral Adapter Base Gasket Between Manifold And Bottom Plate
  • (1) LC Pro Spiral Adapter Middle Gasket Between Adapter Plates
  • (1) Teflon Carburetor Base Gasket Carburetor Base
  • (1) Spiral Adapter Top Plate Top
  • (1) Spiral Adapter Bottom Plate Bottom


  1. Disconnecting battery and set the emergency brake.
  2. Remove air cleaner assembly.
  3. Remove carburetor and clean gasket surfaces. Do not allow debris to enter the intake plenum! Insert a shop rag, or towel to keep debris from falling into the intake.Be sure to remove rag before installing adapter!
  4. Install base gasket(#1) and adapter base(#2) to manifold using the hardware provided. Notice in the illustration the orientation of the base plate: the large hole is closest to the cylinder head, allenhead bolts go closest to the head on top, two hex bolts with wave washers thread in from the bottom. Use a small amount of thread locking compound to prevent studs from backing out.
  5. Install the top plate(#4) and gasket(#3) using the (4) 6mmallen bolts provided.
  6. Install the four 8mm double-end studs into the top plate. Use a small amount of thread locking compound on the studs.
  7. Remove throttle cable bell crank assembly (2 bolts)
  8. Using the spacers provided with the 8mm bolts and flat washers, reinstall the Throttle Cable bell crank assembly. This relocates the height to match the carburetor adapter.
  9. Install the carburetor with the new gasket (#5) provided with the flat washers and nylock nuts.
  10. Reconnect all vacuum lines, fuel lines, and linkages that may have been removed.
  11. Install air cleaner.
  12. Reconnect battery, start the engine, check for fuel and vacuum leaks.