Part# 1033023 – Pro 1” Spiral Carb Spacer (Weber Flange)

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Kit Includes:

(1) Teflon Weber 32/36/38 Base Gasket
(4) 5/16-18 Nylock
(6) M8 Flat Washer
(4) 5/16-18 x2-1/2 Stud
(2) M8-1.25 x 30mm Hex Cap Screw
(2) Throttle Bracket Spacer - 3/4" OD x 1/3" ID x 1/2" Tall
(1) LCE Pro Spiral Spacer - 1" Weber Carb. Spacer (Weber to Weber Flange) (1) Weber 38 Base Gasket


  1. Thread 5/16” x 2 ½” studs completely into the manifold using a red Loctite.
  2. Place Teflon (white) gasket over studs onto manifold.
  3. Place 1” carb. spacer onto manifold.
  4. Place paper style gasket onto carb spacer.
  5. Install the carb. onto manifold and tighten using (4) flat washers and 5/16” nylocks.
  6. Install the throttle linkage using the spacers, 8mm bolts and washers to raise the linkage off of the manifold for correct placement with the carb.
  7. Complete installation of fuel lines and other related components.
  8. Check for fuel leaks.