Part# 1033003 – Aisin Carb Adapter

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This billet air filter adapter will provide the ability to run the K&N (or similar) 2” x 11” free flow cleanable air filter on the stock 2-barrel Aisin Carburetor found on 1981-1995 22R engines.

Kit Includes:

(1) Billet Adapter
(1) 6mm x 130mm Filter Stud
(2) 6mm Nylock Nut
(1) 6mm Flat Washer


Start by making sure you will have hood clearance before proceeding. Remove the stock air filter and center filter stud from the carburetor. Using a 6mm Nylock nut, install the new filter stud and tighten the Nylock nut against carb body to hold the stud in place. For a dust proof seal, apply a small amount of silicone between the filter adapter and the carb. Install air filter, flat washer and nut. Tighten enough to snug air filter without over tightening.