Part# 1032032 – 20R Water Plate Kit (9 Bolt) (Under Intake Manifold)

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Due to the casting differences in the Offenhauser intake manifold some block plates will require a slight modification.


  1. First mock up the block plate on the bottom of the manifold.
  2. Next install all bolts thru the block plate into the manifold – Do not tighten bolts only install them enough to engage the threads.
  3. Verify that all the bolts thread into the manifold easily and freely.
  4. If you find that one or more of the bolts are binding or not threading in properly you may have to open that bolt hole on the block plate slightly (DO NOT MODIFY THE MANIFOLD). LC Engineering recommends the use of a small file or drill bit. You should only have to clearance this hole a very small amount. Be careful not to take too much material off the block plate or you could experience a coolant leak.
  5. Once you clearance the bolt hole repeat steps 1-4 as necessary.
  6. Install the water plate using silicone sealant.