Part# 1024070 – 5VZ Pro Head Stud Kit

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  1. Chase all thread holes before installing. Use 11mm x 1.25 tap to clean threads in the block. Make sure each stud threads into block all the way.
  2. Be sure to check thread pitch to make sure correct end goes into block (Allen head faces out).
  3. Install main studs in block with 3/16 Allen wrench Snug tight. Do not torque.
  4. 4 studs are kitted separate. These studs will go under the camshaft drive gears in the head and are .200 (5mm) shorter than the other 12 studs 5.Install head over studs. Install washers and nuts on studs, torque nuts to 75-80ft lbs using ARP Moly or Ultra-Torque lube or equivalent. Be sure to use factory torque sequence.6.After installation and torquing of head install camshafts and verify cam gear stud clearance.