Part# 1024069 – 20R/22R/22RE Pro Head Stud Set

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Installation Notes

  • The engine block and cylinder head decks must be flat and have the proper surface finish for the head gasket used or gasket failure may result.

  • To ensure proper thread engagement and accurate torque readings, clean all threads in the block to remove remnant sealer, lubricant and debris. Chase if necessary with ARP Thread Chaser, part number 912-0006 (M12 x 1.25)

  • Before final assembly, a mockup of the engine and or components is recommended to check the fit and clearance near and around the fasteners.

  • Check valve cover clearance! It may be necessary to clearance the valve cover above the front 2 studs/nuts.

  • Exceeding factory clamp load will distort the cylinder bore. Torque plate honing will counteract this distortion and ensure proper bore geometry for optimum performance/longevity. Torque plate honing should be performed using the same hardware, lubricant and torque as at final assembly.

  • In some cases it may be necessary to trim the two front gusset to allow room for the front two head studs. You can check for clearance by installing the valve cover without any gasket. Another solution to this problem is to run the LC pro valve cover as this is already done to all our covers. (Pictures shown below also display the valve cover baffle modification in order to run the LCE Dual Row Timing Chain Conversion Kit)
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    1. Place the gasket and cylinder head in position on the engine block

    2. Screw the studs into the engine block The hex broach in the end of the stud is designed to assist with installing/removing the studs from the block, not for applying torque.

    3. Apply ARP Ultra-Torque Lubricate the stud threads and bottom of each nut with ARP Ultra-Torque Fastener Assembly Lubricant. Install the nuts and tighten hand tight.

    Torque Procedure: (Following the manufacturers recommended torque sequence, select FACTORY OR ARP clamp load and torque nuts per steps below)


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