Part# 1024065 – 3VZ Head Stud Kit

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  1. Chase all thread holes before installing. Use a 11mm x 1.25 tap to clean threads in the block. Be sure to clean all shavings out of thread holes and block prior to final installation.
  2. LC Engineering recommends installing the head gaskets and heads before you install the studs into the block. This will keep the stud threads from cutting into the head and causing aluminum flakes to fall into the engine.
  3. Using a small amount of Blue Loctite on the block side threads, install head studs in block with 3/16 allen wrench. Make sure studs thread all the way into the block. Snug hand tight (approx. 10ft-lbs). NOTE: Do not over-torque, the stud does not need to be very tight in the block. All torque is on the nut-end of the stud. Depending on your head/block decking and thread depth in the block you may need to loosen the stud from bottoming out in the block to verify that the nut gets full thread contact on top of the stud.
  4. Install washers and nuts on studs. Torque nuts to 80ft lbs using the ARP Moly or Ultra-Torque Lube supplied with the studs. Use a 3-step procedure to torque the nuts down. Start at approx. 20 to 30ft-lbs then goes to approx. 50 to 60ft-lbs then torque to the final 80ft-lbs. Be sure to use factory torque sequence as shown below.