Part# 1024015-1018006 MLS Head Gasket

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MLS head gaskets provide the ultimate seal between your engine block and cylinder head. Due to the all metal construction of these gaskets there are a few guidelines to follow to ensure proper sealing and longevity of your gasket.

  1. The MLS head gasket requires a very smooth engine block deck and cylinder head surface. You must have your block and head surfaced to an RA finish of 8 or better. This is a common rating that any machine shop should be familiar with.
  2. Do not use any type of sealer (such as copper coat) on either side of the gasket. The only type of sealer we would recommend using would be a small dab of silicone where the timing cover meets the engine block (on timing chain, not belt, applications only; such as 20R/22R/RE/RET & 2RZ/3RZ).
  3. MLS gaskets will also require the use of head studs instead of bolts to help ensure a more even torque. Follow the head stud directions for torque ratings and procedures.