Part# 1023198 – Pro Dual Valve Spring Set

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The proper set of matched valve train components will eliminate most valve train problems. The LC Pro Dual Valve Springs will control your valves up to 8,500 rpm, with a valve lift of .550. You must use Pro Titanium Retainers (Part # 1023003) with these springs. The installed height of the Pro Dual Valve Springs is 1.630 - 1.635. Spring seat pressure should be 100 psi.

Install using a .015 Hardened Spring Shim (Part #1023132) to protect the cylinder head. Always check the valve spring for coil bind. Minimum .090 suggested clearance. For higher lift cams it is recomended to use hardened valve keepers (Part #1023090). For matched valvetrain components use the PRO Cam Kit (part #1020000). Note: These springs will not work with stock spring retainers.