Part# 1021028 – 20R/22R Fuel Pump Eccentric Modified For Adjustable Cam Gear

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Your new fuel pump eccentric has been modified to work with LC Engineerings adjustable cam gear.


  1. You will need to trim the bolts on the adjustable cam gear down to be flush with the nut. If you don't trim them down, they will interfere with the fuel pump arm and cause engine damage.
  2. Remove distributor and valve cover.
  3. You will need to remove the front cam bolt in order to remove the distributor drive gear and the stock fuel pump eccentric. Make sure you support the cam gear and chain to prevent it from accidentally falling and causing the chain to skip a tooth.
  4. Install the new fuel pump eccentric and your distributor drive gear.
  5. Torque cam bolt to 62ft-lbs.
  6. Install valve cover and distributor.
  7. Reset ignition timing.