Part# 1016111 – 7″ Water Pump Pulley

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The 7" black anodized Underdrive Pulleys is designed to reduce water pump RPM in high RPM race applications. These pulleys are CNC machined from billet 6061 T-6 aluminum bar stock and cut with performance lightening holes to reduce weight.


  • 7" underdrive pulley is designed for high RPM (constant 5,000rpm and up) applications
  • 7" Underdrive Pulley will not work with power steering.
  • Can not be used with the stock harmonic balancer our 4" power pulley will be required.


Follow service manual for removal and installation of belts and torque specifications.

  1. Remove fan, fan clutch and belts.
  2. Remove stock pulley and replace with LC Water Pump Pulley.
  3. Install fan and fan clutch assembly.
  4. Replace belts and tighten.