Part# 1016102, 1016104, 1016105 – 20R/22R/RE/RET 4″ Under-drive Crank Pulley

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LC Engineering strongly recommends that you review a factory service manual, our call our tech line 928-855-6341 if you have questions during installation.

LC Engineering's 4 inch underdrive crankshaft pulley will install just like the stock Pulley. What will need to be done is the timing tag on the oil pump will need to be trimmed off for added belt clearance. That's why it is recommend to run the LCE adjustable timing tag, Part# 1016117. The front crankshaft oil pump seal rides on the pulley. So it is also recommended to install a new crankshaft oil pump seal when installing the new pulley. Apply motor oil on the seal and seal surface when reinstalling the new pulley. Be sure the crankshaft key is in place and in good condition when reinstalling. Torque front bolt to 80 Ft Lbs.