Part # 1016101 – 5VZ Lightweight Crankshaft Pulley

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LC Engineering strongly recommends that you review a factory service manual, our call our tech line 928-855-6341 if you have questions during installation.


  1. Disconnect the negative battery cable. For easier access remove fan. Loosen the nuts holding the fan to the water pump while the belts are still tight (this will help to keep the fan from turning).
  2. Remove all belts. Be sure to mark the belts which belt goes where.
  3. Remove crank pulley bolt and remove crank pulley.
  4. Clean around the crankshaft snout and surrounding areas.
  5. Install new pulley by inserting it onto the crankshaft snout and aligning the key way. Insert pulley until it seats in fully against the timing belt gear.
  6. Use Anti Seize on the front crank pulley bolt and torque to factory spec (181 ft lbs). You may have to put vehicle in gear and set emergency brake to keep the engine from rotating while doing this.
  7. Install belts back on to new pulley do not tighten belts yet.
  8. Install fan and tighten belts.
  9. Be sure to inspect all belts for proper alignment prior to initial start-up.