Part# 1016092, 1016093, 1016096, 1016097, 1016098 – High Capacity Oil Pan

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LC Engineering's oil pans give you the extra protection from oil starvation by building "doors" around the oil pick-up to keep the pick up screen in oil at all times. Always test fit the pan before final installation. Since these pans are made for so many different years, there may be some minor modifications needed. Check for proper oil pick up tube and dipstick clearance. You may have to trim the windage screen to gain extra clearance. Always be sure to clean the pan and pick up completely prior to final installation!


  1. Place new pan on bench and fill with fluid to 1/4" below baffle, make sure you write down the amount of fluid you used.
  2. Install pan and fill with the same amount of oil as above. Then mark oil dipstick showing full.
  3. Start engine and let it run for about 2-3 minutes, this will allow the lines, oil filter, etc. to get filled.
  4. Shut off and wait between 2-3 minutes and re-check level, top-off if necessary.