Part# 1016069 & 1016072 – 20R/22R/RE/RET Pro Oil Pump

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LC Engineering's Pro series oil pump may not look like anything special, but it packs a big punch!! We start with a Japanese made, OE style oil pump. These are the same brand that made the original Toyota oil pump, so you can rest assured you are getting only the highest quality part for your hard earned dollars! But we didn't stop there. We remove the internals, have the body hard anodized, and re-machined to allow us to run a tighter oil clearance, therefore creating more oil pressure, and volume. This eliminates the stock Toyota low oil pressure and gives you longer engine life and reliability. Your new oil pump is designed to give you increased oil pressure and volume, but it will not compensate for a worn out, or incorrectly assembled engine.Oil pressure is determined by bearing clearances more than anything, so if your engine is worn out, or if the bearing clearance is not set right you will not get proper oil pressure. LC Engineering also manufactures an adjustable oil pump bypass for even more oil pressure adjustability, see Part # 1016063 .

When installing your new oil pump do not use grease of any type to lubricate. Grease can cause oil passages to clog up and can result in engine damage, or failure. The pump is pre-assembled with lubricant on it already. Install the new pump using the supplied o-ring and apply a small amount of sealant (Ultra Grey silicone works best) to the top bolt (see pic below). Torque bolts using the pic and table below. We recommend installing a new front seal (part #1015042) when installing your new oil pump. You should also inspect the harmonicdamper for damage (pitting, worn etc.). If your damper is damaged you will want to install a seal saver (Part #1016115) to protect the new seal and keep it from leaking.