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Installation instructions:

  1. Remove original oil pump bypass bolt and washer from the top of the oil pump. Make sure that the spring and plunger stay inside the pump and that they move freely in the bore.
  2. Clean new adjustable bypass.
  3. Install new adjustable bypass in oil pump using a 22mm wrench (7/8" will also work). Make sure the new copper washer is installed between oil pump and new adjustable bypass.
  4. Start engine and inspect for oil leaks.


The adjustable bypass is designed to increase oil pressure. This part will not decrease the factory oil pressure. LC Engineering recommends adjusting your oil pressure to get a minimum of 10psi per 1,000 rpm. For example if you run your engine to 7,000 rpm you will need at least 70psi oil pressure. Do not adjust too much oil pressure into your engine; there is no need to run 90-100psi in your 22R/RE engine.

  1. To increase oil pressure, loosen the 15mm nylock jam nut while holding the 5mm allen screw in place.
  2. Adjust the allen screw 1 full turn clockwise and then tighten 15mm jam nut while holding the allen screw in place.
  3. Test oil pressure and re-adjust as needed