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Prep Block:

Clean engine block. Hot tank cleaning is preferred. With compressed air, blow dry block. Insure that water jackets are COMPLETELY DRY. On the front of the block tape up ½ of water jacket. Install timing cover to hold HARD BLOK in water jacket. Remove cover & tape after setup time and clean up for assembly. Minimum temperature for installation is recommended at 50. If temperature is below 65, you will need to double ALL setup times shown below. Install freeze plugs. Mount block on engine stand. Torque main cap bolts. Level deck with bubble level.


First place water in bucket (8 oz/ 1 cup); slowly pour contents of HARD BLOK into water. Mix thoroughly for 5 Minutes. Mix should be creamy and of such consistency to pour through a ½" funnel. If mix is too stiff, add additional water one ounce at a time and remix. Again, mix should be consistent with NO water on top, with even distribution of the heavier particles. If any settlement of heavier particles is noticeable, too much water has been added. Working time after mixing is 30-40 minutes. DO NOT add more water if mix begins to stiffen. It must be discarded. After HARD BLOK is thoroughly mixed, pour into the water jackets through several holes in the deck using a ½" Funnel. Work the HARD BLOK with a stiff wire to assist in consolidation around cylinder walls and to eliminate any air pockets. Gentle vibration of the block will level the surface. Strong Vibrations from air or impact tools are NOT recommended. Allow block to set undisturbed over night or for 24 hours if temperature is below 65 degrees. After allowed setup time, machine and/or hone cylinders. Block is ready for assembly.