Part# 1015024 – Metal Guide Installation

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The new metal guides will install with new hardware supplied in the kit. Four new bolts with washers will be used instead of the shoulder bolts that were stock that fit in the plastic guides. The guides are installed first and are to be positioned toward the outside of the engine block do not tighten down yet. Install the crankshaft gear in place then install camshaft gear and chain with the bright link on top. The straight guide can now be positioned and tighten down the bolts to 9 Ft. Lbs thread locker not required but can be used. The tensioner can now be installed same torque for the tensioner bolts 9 Ft. Lbs. Position the curved guide towards the out side of the engine, if you move the curved guide in and out you will see that chain will move the tensioner in and out. The tensioner has a good bit of travel so we start with it in most of the way. Torque all bolts down and install the upper gear on the camshaft.