Part # 1015012 – 22R/22RE – Timing Chain Conversion Kit 1985-1995

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Kit Includes:

  • (1) 1015027 Modified Timing Cove
  • (1) 1015018 HD Double Row Timing Chain Kit
  • (1) 1016069 Pro Oil Pump 81-84
  • (1) 1016132 Water Pump 81-84
  • (1) 1016066 Oil Pump Drive Spline 81-82
  • (1) 1015039 TC Conversion Hardware Kit

Installation Instructions:

Using a Hanes, Chilton, or Toyota service manual, follow procedures for installing the Timing Chain Conversion Kit. Install this kit the same way you would an OEM single chain. Oil baffle inside valve cover must be modified for clearance of the double cam gear. Do not remove the whole baffle, only the front baffle extension above the cam gear needs to be removed. Using a 3/8 drill bit, locate the spot welds and drill just enough to release the welds. Remove the baffle extension and debur the oil baffle. Clean valve cover to remove all metal shavings before installation.

When installing the metal guide rails, the curved rail should be placed in the outward position. This will provide the proper amount of chain tension. The curved guide can be adjusted to accommodate head and block decking. Due to the tightness of the new chain, it may be necessary to gently pry up on the cam gear while sliding it onto the camshaft. Use a screwdriver or similar tool through the center hole on the gear, and inserted into the hole in the cam, gently lift the gear up while sliding the gear back on the cam. Rocking the crankshaft back and forth slightly as needed to line lip the dowel pin. DO NOT FORCE IT ON! The gear should only require slight pressure to slide onto shaft.

NOTE: Seal the head of the top bolt, and the threads of the upper oil pump bolt using RTV or Ultra Grey. (Refer to black circles on the illustration below). Timing Cover gaskets are under the false bottom of the Timing Chain kit box. Replacement Double Chains and Double Chain Kits are all available from LC Engineering. Timing Chain Conversion Kit Part # 1015012 22R/22RE 1985-1995 This kit uses a Water Pump, Oil Pump and Oil Pump Drive Spline from an early 22R 1981-1984.